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Kindness, Compassion, & Hope for the Crossroads of Life 

Welcome to Grace Street Counseling! 

It takes a great deal of courage to reach out for help and start the personal journey towards healing. You may be going through a difficult time and feel as if grace is not present in your life. You may feel lost and in need of some guidance and understanding. Grace Street Counseling is here to provide support, compassion, and a safe space for self discovery through therapeutic services.

Our passion is supporting women and families through all phases of life, especially as they embark on the journey into pregnancy and the postpartum period. We are also dedicated to empowering young adults and professionals through moments of great transition. There are many benefits to therapy such as developing healthy coping skills, achievement of personal goals, eliminating unwanted habits, healthier personal relationships, improvement of professional relationships, and overcoming traumatic experiences. Everyone goes through difficult times in life; the greatest act of courage is the ability to ask for help. 

"She thinks, “Hey, how did I come to this?

I dreamt myself a thousand times around the world,

But I can't get out of this place"

Now there's an emptiness inside her

And she'd do anything to fill it in

But all the colors mix together to grey”

-Dave Matthews Band