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Kindness, Compassion, & Hope for the Crossroads of Life 

Michelle is a wonderful therapist who I feel lucky to have found during a transitional season of life. She listens intently, asks questions that provoke deeper thinking and provides incredible insight & feedback during our sessions. I can tell that she is deeply connected to and engaged in the work that she does with her clients and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support.

J. 4/21/20 

I am so grateful that my path crossed Michelle's at the time that it did. During an exceptionally difficult moment in my life, she was and continues to be a calming and guiding force-not only during dark days, but during the sunny ones, too. Because I had no prior experience with a therapist, I was struck by Michelle's insightful observations about my behaviors and my personality after only working together for a short time. It was a relief, in a sense, to feel known-to feel heard.

No matter what I'm feeling (whether it's a complex and layered stress response or a rambling speech about an indescribable feeling or anything in between), Michelle always manages to ask the right questions and pull the right threads. From the beginning, she has encouraged me to speak my truth and to be confident in it, and I am thankful to her for creating a safe space to express myself without judgment.

K. 4/18/20 

Michelle is a very perceptive, routinely compassionate, & exceptionally skillful therapist. I’m blessed to have her listen & help me through.

A. 3/28/20

I have just started working with Michelle but she is very prompt and answers me frequently, taking the time to read through almost everything that I express. We had our first phone session and I felt completely at ease and am excited to move forward with her. She has a warm personality and she is very validating and caring.

S.A. 8/16/19  

Michelle Friedman is a superb therapist. She is intelligent, personable, and active listener. Equally important, she is very compassionate and highly skilled. These are all the things I look for in a therapist —moreover, they are all the things most people I know look for, too.

A.N. 8/6/19